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Improving Transportation in Connecticut: A Decade of Slow Going - three-part article by Keith Phaneuf (2014)

Note from State Traffic Commission - May 17, 2012:

"As many of you are aware, the Administrative Decision (AD) process was first introduced in January 2011, but was limited, due to statutory certification requirements, to expansions/land use changes regarding either existing certified major traffic generators (MTGs) or those predating certification. Legislation passed in July 2011 has allowed the State Traffic Commission (STC) Administrative Office to expand its AD process to encompass all new MTGs/expansions/land use changes that do not trigger mitigation or safety measures on a state highway. Accordingly, many new MTGs/expansions/land use changes that have access to or abut or adjoin a state highway prior to July 2011 would have automatically triggered STC certification by virtue of their location, may now qualify for an AD. More information regarding the expanded AD process is available on the STC's Web page via the following link:

In an effort to standardize the information submitted to the STC Administrative Office for an AD request review, a request form/information checklist has been developed and is available on STC’s Web page via the following link:

All future AD requests submitted to this office must include the completed form and appropriate information per the checklist.

If you have any questions regarding the expanded AD process, please feel free to contact my office.

David A. Sawicki
Executive Director
State Traffic Commission
2800 Berlin Turnpike
Newington, CT 06131
(P) 860-594-3020
(F) 860-594-2377"

An HBRA of CT priority bill in 2011, HB 6540, significantly reformed State Traffic Commission certificate of operation permits, particularly for residential developments (Public Act 11-256, sections 14 and 15).

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