Tax IssuesCT DRS Releases New Withholding Tables - employers must begin to apply revised calculations by Aug 31, 2015.

Fifty-Five Federal Tax Breaks Expiring 1-1-2014.  You can still claim these for 2013 taxes files in 2014, but not for 2014 taxes unless Congress reinstates them.

HBRACT Seeks Limited Exemption from Excessive Property Tax Assessments on Homes Under Construction:

Conveyance Tax

2008 Special Session (June 11, 2008): State legislature extends the "temporary" increase in the municipal real estate conveyance tax for another two years until July 1, 2010. See how State Senators voted and State Representatives voted in the early morning hours of June 12, 2008.

Conveyance Tax - HBRACT's Opposition Statement

Sales & Use Tax

Dept. of Revenue Services Building Contractors Guide to Sales & Use Taxes (March 2007); and 2011 legislative changes to the procedures governing nonresident contractors.

Dept. of Revenue Services Regulations on Sales & Use Tax for Contractors and Subcontractors.

Miscellaneous Tax Issues

HBRACT testifies against legislative Democrat's proposed state budget and tax increases (5-11-15)

Connecticut ranks 40th worst among all states for business tax climate - Hartford Business Journal (10-10-12)

Eye on Housing - The Facts on that rumored 3.8% sales tax buried within the federal health care law - some truth to it, but mostly false (7-5-12)

Additional Guidance Regarding Withholding Calculation Rules for Supplemental Compensation and Use of Newly Issued Form CT-W4T (11-28-11) - Confusion reigns among employers over how to calculate the state's income tax withholding for employees, which was made retroactive to Jan. 1, 2011, by the state legislature and Governor Malloy. This latest guidance from DRS is intended to help correct over-withholding issues.

DRS Notice regarding income tax changes in 2011 legislation (SN 2011(12)).

Mortgage Interest Deduction Under Attack (Nov 2010)

Legislation Affecting Contracts with Non-Resident Contractors - from DRS

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