Solid Waste & Soil Remediation

DEP (11-6-08) Solid Waste Management Regulations relate to the management of soil, sediment and construction aggregate materials (asphalt, brick, concrete, etc.), and affect, therefore, the requirements of the General Permit for the Beneficial Use of Contaminated Soil and Sediment.  New Remediation Standard Regulations became effective June 27, 2013.

Information on CT DEEP's Remediation Program:

Basic Information for Members:  For issues dealing with soil and water contamination, the most important advice for members is to hire an attorney and an engineer who understand this complex area of environmental law and regulation. Prior to committing to a particular site, have an experienced consultant perform a phase I site assessment to determine potential environmental issues. To help HBRA members better understand the requirements of the state’s remediation regulations, see the following background information from the Dept. of Energy & Environmental Protection website.

DEEP’s Remediation Programs and Information – Overview, Organization & Contacts

Connecticut Remediation Standard Regulations

Remediation Standard Regulations – Fact Sheet

Check with your land use or environmental counsel for any updates to laws and regulations.

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