Our 2016 House of the Year is complete in Avon, CT! This beautiful custom home with views of Avon Mountain, was built by master builder Bill Ferrigno of Sunlight Construction, with services, products and supplies provided and even donated by our members! This great home is currently for sale.
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Ground breaking ceremony July 2016
L-R: Leslie Clancy & Gary Burdick of Simsbury Bank,
 Bill Ethier CEO of HBRACT, Bill Ferrigno - Sunlight Construction,
Martin Geitz & Bob Francolini of Simsbury Bank.

Thanks to our great members who have participated on this project and provided their quality products and materials into this great home. Thanks also to those who donated their services and products. Members working with members!

Dory Famiglietti, Kahan, Kerensky & Capossela - donated legal time and services at land closing
Bob Meyers, Robert M. Meyers Law Office - donated legal time and services at land closing
Chris Nelson, Nelson Construction - donated fill for land
Mike Girard, Simscroft-Echo Farms - donated trucks to deliver fill
Glenn Wandy, Overhead Door of Hartford - donated three garage doors with electric openers
Andrea Salzillo, CAFD - donated gas fireplace in great room
Simsbury Bank - financing

Materials, Supplies and Products throughout the home by these great member companies
Sanford & Hawley
Huber Engineered Wood
Pella Windows & Doors
Viking Kitchen Cabinets
Dalene Flooring
Cyclone Home Systems
Connecticut Lighting Centers
Dunning Stone & Gravel
Acadia Insurance/The Roberts Agency
Dunning Sand & Gravel
Collins & Co.

HBRA of Connecticut's Show Case Home of the Year Program
(A Trade Show in a Home)

Summary of Program:

The HBRA of Connecticut, Inc.'s "Connecticut Show Case Home of the Year" Program highlights the experience, professionalism and high standards of Association Builder and Associate Members. The program is designed to showcase Connecticut's high-value home products to the industry and public and encourage philanthropic gifts to charitable organizations, which are chosen by the builder and approved by the HBRA of CT. Under the program, the HBRA of Connecticut, Inc. will officially recognize a specific home built by a Builder Member of the HBRA of Connecticut, Inc. as a "Connecticut Show Case Home of the Year."

Under a license agreement with the HBRA of CT, a home builder agrees to build a home and may label it and market it to the general public under the name "HBRA of CT Show Case Home of the Year" or "Connecticut Show Case Home." Under the license agreement between the builder and the HBRA of CT, the HBRA receives a royalty from the builder for licensing its name to the builder for the home. The builder and the many vendors and suppliers participating in the home receive increased exposure and recognition across the association, industry and the general public.

The program provides educational opportunities for members through one or more "open houses" conducted by the builder at appropriate times during construction to highlight construction techniques, materials and products incorporated into the home. Vendors and suppliers are solicited to donate or discount their products and services. Often, they are present during the open houses to discuss their product or service. In essence, the open house becomes a mini-trade show in a home. After completion of the home, one or more open houses for the general public are conducted to market the home (if a higher end home, a fee is charged and a charity chosen by the builder receives a contribution from the open house proceeds). Vendors and suppliers of products and services incorporated into the home are often present for the public open houses as well, which in essence become a "Home Show in a Home."

Homes built under this program are generally at the high end of the market in which it is built and feature unique or high end designs, products, or construction methods. More detailed information on this innovative educational and charitable program is below. Any builder member of the HBRA of CT wishing to explore participating in this program or find out how past homes have been done should call the HBRA of CT office.

Benefits to HBRA Builders and Associate Members:

  • Educational benefits for all members from highlighting features incorporated into a Connecticut Show Case Home of the Year;
  • Public relations, leads and exposure for individual builder chosen to construct the home as well as for subcontractors and suppliers;
  • Proven additional market activity in builder's subdivision;
  • Recognition and appreciation from association for builder and associate members participating in project - published to industry and consumers


Benefits to Association:

  • Provides positive public relations for association and its members;
  • Provides another vehicle to educate members and the public about cutting edge home design and technology;
  • Provides nondues revenue for association to further support the association's mission.

Selection Process

Specific homes by builder members are chosen for the program by a Connecticut Show Case Home Review Committee based on an application and review process. The name and trademarks of the "Home Builders Association of Connecticut, Inc." "Home Builders & Remodelers Association of Connecticut, Inc." and "Connecticut Show Case Home of the Year" and "Connecticut Show Case Home" are then licensed, for a fee (see "Eligibility" below), to a chosen "Connecticut Show Case Home" builder for the limited purpose of marketing the home to the public and to potential industry participants in the home's construction. The HBRA of Connecticut will also assist the builder and participating vendors and suppliers by publicizing the HBRA of Connecticut's recognition of the builder's chosen home. These efforts would be designed to seek favorable product pricing or other benefits for the builder's use on the chosen home and to promote a positive public image for the HBRA of CT.


All Builder Members of the HBRA of Connecticut, Inc. are eligible to apply for recognition under the "Connecticut Show Case Home" program. Each applicant must, however, meet the following criteria, be selected by the "Connecticut Show Case Home" Review Committee and, if selected, pay the program fee pursuant to a licensing agreement between the builder and the HBRA of Connecticut, Inc.

No fee is paid until the sale of the Connecticut Show Case Home is closed. Remember, these homes are typically built with substantial product discounts and/or donated services since it is constructed as an HBRA of Connecticut "Connecticut Show Case Home" and all subcontractors and suppliers receive recognition as participants. The builder also usually coordinates with a charitable organization ahead of construction. Since the home is sold at market rates, the profit margin is therefore substantially increased. The fee, payable to the HBRA of CT, under this program is $25,000.00 or three percent (3%) of the final sales price of the "Connecticut Show Case Home," whichever is greater. Other fee variants can be negotiated. The home prior to sale is also displayed to the public over two or three weekends, charging a fee for entry. All or some of these fees are donated to the charitable organization and experience tells us the donation can be significant (see the last bullet below).

The HBRA of Connecticut, Inc. reserves the right to limit builder participation in the program to preserve the integrity of the program and prevent geographic and other conflicts that have the potential to weaken the effectiveness of the program's intent. The following are criteria for the builder and the specific home for which the builder seeks "Connecticut Show Case Home" recognition.

Criteria For Builder:

  • Maintenance of Builder Member status in the HBRA of Connecticut, Inc. on the date of application and throughout the "Connecticut Show Case Home" recognition period.
  • Minimum five (5) years experience as a principal of a home building business on the date of application.
  • Minimum construction of ten (10) homes over the previous three (3) years in Connecticut on the date of application, provided that the "Connecticut Show Case Home" Review Committee may waive this minimum upon satisfactory demonstration by the builder of sufficient construction experience on the same type or market level of home for which an application under this program is made.
  • Builder has exhibited exemplary workmanship in the construction of homes, demonstrated by prior relevant awards, customer or trade references, or other relevant evidence.
  • Endorsement of a licensing agreement with the HBRA of Connecticut after selection of a specific home plan by the Review Committee.

Criteria For Specific Home Plan To Be Chosen as a "Connecticut Showcase Home":

  • Home plan includes and represents the highest quality of products, materials and design in the builder's geographic area.
  • Successful review of the home design and proposal by the "Connecticut Show Case Home" Review Committee, part of which may be based on a site visit by the review committee.
  • If appropriate for the particular home, the home is made available to the public for viewing for a minimum of two days, where the builder charges a fee for entrance and all or some portion of such fees are donated to a charitable organization or institution of the builder's choice, provided the charitable organization or institution is approved by the HBRA of CT.

The designations "Connecticut Show Case Home of the Year" and "Connecticut Show Case Home" are trademarks, collective marks, service marks and/or certification marks owned exclusively by the Home Builders & Remodelers Association of Connecticut, Inc.

Any builder member of the HBRA of CT wishing to explore participating in one of these programs or find out how past homes have been done should contact the HBRA of CT office.

Our current House of the Year is being built in Avon, CT, by Sunlight Construction. Many members have donated and contributed their materials, products and time. Check out the list of members who helped with this great home. Which is currently for sale. Click here for Realtor.com listing


Special Thanks to our members who are part of this great project!

Dorian Famiglietti - Kahan Kerensky & Capossela LLP
Bob Meyers - Robert M. Meyers Law Office
Martin Geitz & Bob Francolini - Simsbury Bank
Mike Girard - Simscroft - Echo Farms
Chris Nelson - Nelson Construction
Frank Sanford - Sanford & Hawley
Andrea Salzillo - CAFD - Gas Fireplace for Great Room, DONATED
Glenn Wandy - Overhead Doors of HF - Garage Doors & Openers, DONATED






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