For both builders and consumers, see the resource links below to address mold issues.

Resource Offers Builders Unbiased, Easy Access to Mold Prevention Solutions
by Mike Poellinger, Chairman, Responsible Solutions to Mold Coalition

"With so many products on the market that can help to reduce and prevent mold, it is critical for home builders to filter through it all and know the facts. Instead of commercial product recommendations, builders need access to unbiased information gathered by an impartial non-profit organization. That is why the Responsible Solutions to Mold Coalition (RSMC), made up of government, environmental, and industry experts was formed in 2006 at the International Builders Show in Orlando. Our mission is to educate by emphasizing best building practices.

Of those practices, the key to mold prevention is to prevent moisture. This is science-based information that, if adhered to, will save builders and homeowners tens of thousands of dollars in repairs. Mold prevention is simply a smart investment.

If you want quick answers for mold control, our web site at has them for you:

1. How to effectively control mold by controlling moisture

2. Are mold-resistant products the answer?

3. What are some mold-avoidance strategies?

4. What should I do if I find mold in my home or office?

5. Moisture control and best building practices are the key to fighting mold

As we mentioned, the RSMC doesn't limit its mission to helping contractors. We are reaching out to the consumer with timely tips. Feel free to share these with your clients:

1. Reduce humidity by venting to the outside bathrooms, dryers and other moisture-generating sources like showers, stoves and dishwashers.

2. When weather permits, open doors and windows, increasing airflow.

3. Ensure your doors and windows have flashings that expel moisture out of your home.

4. A small patch of mold can be cleaned with detergent or household cleaners, and warm water.

5. If you find evidence of moisture intrusion, find out where it originates and fix it.

Taking steps to prevent moisture intrusion and mold are usually inexpensive, but ignoring them can be costly.

As our next major goal, the RSMC is developing a list of "Guiding Principles" for the industry, designed to help the greatest number of builders, contractors, building owners and homeowners avoid mold. With our Guiding Principles on moisture and mold control will come solutions on how to make homes and offices healthier and more comfortable spaces in which to live and work. This will give builders a complete guide from some of the best technical experts in our industry. The list is expected to be published in late 2007.

We hope you will take advantage of our research and share the appropriate information with your contractors and customers in this important effort to design, build, and maintain dry, comfortable homes."

Check with your land use or environmental counsel for any updates to laws and regulations.

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