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HBRA Members  - Get Your $$ Discounts & Rebates by participating in the affinity programs below 

Vendors, to participate in the HBRA of CT's Affinity Program, see: 
HBRACT's Member Service Affinity Program Application, and 
HBRACT's Member Service Affinity Program - Standard Royalty Agreement

Check out our Marketing Packet and see all the Opportunities we have to Sponsor
and Network with Members!

Liability, Workers Compensation Insurance & More - An incredible member service offered by the HBRA of CT through Acadia Insurance to all qualified HBRA general and specialty trade contractors. This one member benefit more than pays for your dues. Members: Contact your local association to get approved member insurance agents for more information, or see all fifteen (15) approved agents.  See FAQ on the program.

NPP MEMBERSHIP IS FREE.  Available products include:  Verizon Wireless Service, Office Products, Travel, Maintenance & Repair, Tech Devices, Fleet Management, Remote Surveillance, and more ...

To sign up, please visit If you have any questions or would like to have a Verizon business sales representative reach out to you, please call NPP at 800.810.3909 or email

  offers HBRA members the 

Builders & Remodelers: Register and get a rebate check for every project you close or complete.

If you use their products, you can claim your rebate!

OFFICE PRODUCTS: Discounts from Staples - requires login

And see many more money saving offers from NAHB

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