"Building CT's Economy, Communities and Better Lives.  Using Advocacy & Knowledge to Solve Our Member's Problems."


(10-30-14)  CBIA 20x17: We're All in This Together - ad run in many newspapers across the state today.

(10-27-14)  Malloy, Foley: Where Do They Stand? - CBIA

(10-22-14)  Days after Rasmussen poll, Quinnipiac has Malloy up by one - the CT Mirror.  Please Vote on Nov. 4.

(10-20-14) Rasmussen has Foley up by seven - the CT Mirror. 

(10-15-14) Tom Foley: Up Close and Surprisingly Personal - the CT Mirror.

(10-15-14) It's Crunch Time for Connecticut - Make a difference in this upcoming election (from CBIA's 20x17).

(10-9-14) Energy Stance: Malloy embraces activism, Foley the market - the CT Mirror.

(10-8-14) HBRACT's Show Case Home of the Year 3 Weeks from Completion - Open House Nov 1&2 (10am-2pm) to Support Breast Cancer Research.

(9-26-14)  Energize Connecticut Videos Address How to Improve Water Heating at Your Home or Small Business.

(9-3-14)  CBIA's 20x17 Update - What other states are doing, and more ...

(8-20-14) Connecticut Race for Governor Centers on the Economy - WSJ

(8-7-14)  Millenial Boomtowns: Where the Generation is Clustering (It's Not Downtown) - dispelling the myth of where young adults want to live.

(8-4-14)  Each $1,000 Increase in Price of a New Home Forces 206,000 Prospective Buyers Out of the Market Across the Nation - New NAHB study demonstrates the impact that fees, taxes and regulatory costs have on potential home buyers; The variables of median home prices, incomes and housing supply determine local/state impacts - study breaks down the impact by states.

... more Connecticut here ...


(10-20-14) Where are the Nation's Most Expensive Building Lots? - right here in New England ... by a lot.

(9-22-14) Millenials Still Want to Own a Home - and more want to live in the suburbs than in urban settings; but since income growth is slow in this economy and student loan debt is a major burden, home ownership is a long-term goal.


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